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    Jacobs Ladder Stairway GTL

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    We have just taken our Stairway stair climber to a new level.

    We not only removed the waist belt – so the user controls the speed from the display – but we left it self-powered. It also is impossible to cheat. It’s unique closed loop control keeps the speed level even when you are tired and leaning on the handle. It is a revolutionary stair climber not only in speed control but it maintains the size of Stairway making it available to fit where other stair climbers won’t. Stairway GTL is easy, simple and smart!

    What is the difference between the Stairway and the Stairway GTL? While both units are self powered and are not required to be plugged in to operate, there is a distinct difference in the resistance mechanism. The original Stairway uses airflow to set the speed and braking. The Stairway GTL uses a generator to not only produce the speed but also to generate electricity to run the display but does not use a resistance belt and cable like the original Stairway.

    • Easy entry with lower 11” step height
    • Narrow design to fit through doorways other stair climbers can’t
    • Self-powered to allow unit to be placed anywhere. No plugs required
    • A specially engineered generator combined with human power generates the speed of the steps and powers the display
    • Provides a low impact stair climbing exercise for all ages
    • Lower ceiling height requirement compared to most other stair climbers
    • Provides aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
    • Console readouts includes rate of feet per minute (speed), elapsed time, distance covered
    • Includes transport wheels
    • Used in athletic training, aerobic workouts, rehabilitation and in military training

    • Speed Range: 25-160 Steps Per Minute
    • Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
    • Floor Space: 30.5"W x 54"L x 75.5"H
    • Unit Weight: 300 lbs
    • Power: Self-Powered
    • Ceiling Height: 8.5 Feet
    • Warranty: 4 Years Parts / 1 Year Labor