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    The Jacobs Ladder 2 is a self-propelled cardio machine specially designed for the home gym. By design, the Jacobs Ladder 2 offers a low-impact workout for the entire body. Grab the handrails for two limb cardio climbing or go all in with four limb climbing for an enhanced caloric burn session. While you climb the 40 degree angle of the ladder puts the torso in a neutral position taking unwanted strain off the lower back and promotes total core engagement. Just like the full size Jacobs Ladder, the Jacobs Ladder 2 includes an adjustable waist belt that connects to the brake tension cable. The higher you climb the more you increase the cable tension which releases the brake and speeds up the ladder. When your workout is finished, simply stop climbing and float to the bottom to exit.

    What is the difference between the Jacobs Ladder 2 home cardio trainer and the Jacobs Ladder commercial trainer? The Jacobs Ladder 2 has four distinct changes from the full commercial machine. Because the Jacobs Ladder 2 is designed for home and small personal training studio’s, the width was decreased from 31.25” to 27.25” to better fit through doorways. The ladder rungs were changed from solid maple wood to steel tubing with polyurethane sleeves to help cut down costs. While the unit itself remains self-powered, the unit needs to be plugged in (110v) to operate the digital display. And the warranty has been changed from 4-years parts and 1-year labor to 2-years parts. All in all you get the same great workout in a slightly smaller footprint at a lower price point.

    • Provides a low impact full body workout that is easy on the joints
    • Self-powered workout but does need plugged in (110v) to operate digital display
    • Puts user on a 40 degree angle which puts spine in a more neutral position, takes stress off the lower back and also helps to engage the core muscles
    • Provides two limb or four limb cardio depending on if user holds the rails
    • Provides aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
    • Console readouts includes rate of feet per minute (speed), elapsed time, distance covered
    • Belt is adjustable by height to properly adjust the amount of tension on the brake which determins the speed of the rungs
    • Includes transport wheels
    • Used in athletic training, aerobic workouts, rehabilitation and in military training

    • Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
    • Floor Space: 27.25"W x 76"L x 65.5"H
    • Unit Weight: 300 lbs
    • Rungs: Solid Maple
    • Case: ABS/Polyethylene
    • Power: 110 V
    • Ceiling Height: 7.5 Feet
    • Warranty: 2 Years Parts