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    Muscle D Bicep Curl Machine (MDC-1010)

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    The Classic Line Bicep Curl Machine MDC-1010 helps users target the biceps and forearm muscles through a stable and guided motion. Precision bearings create an even and fluid motion, as part of the overall ergonomic design which centers around correct biomechanics.

    The sturdy appearance and angular tube frame create a rugged look along and trusty durability. Commercial grade steel is combined with other high-quality materials, to deliver a long-lasting product that truly lives up to your investment expectations. This level of attention to detail is a hallmark of our design philosophy and can be found in every element of our business.

    • Independent curling arms for max bicep isolation and development
    • Rotating handles accommodate any size user
    • Angled pads for just the correct upper arm stabilization
    • One touch seat height adjustment while seated
    • 150 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
    Floor Space: 46" L x 55" W x 60" H
    Machine Weight: 390 lb