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    Muscle D Seated Leg Curl (MDC-1006)

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    The Classic Line Seated Leg Curl Machine MDC-1006 targets the posterior muscle group of the thigh. Precision bearings are the key element that ensure a smooth curl motion for users, and an anatomically correct cam pulleys ensure that the ideal resistance is exerted throughout the entire movement.

    The sturdy look and angular frame tubing create a rugged appearance that’s become a hallmark of our Classic Line strength. The entire range is manufactured using commercial grade steel and high-end materials, which results in a seriously durable end-product. It’s this uncompromising attention to detail that results in long-lasting equipment.

    • Adjustable backrest allows correct knee joint alignment with axis
    • Easy squeeze handle for backrest adjustment
    • Adjustable foot roller for more or less pre-stretch
    • Easy adjustable thigh pads locks user in place for concentration on hamstring muscles
    • Anatomically correct cam for proper muscle resistance
    • 200 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
    Floor Space: 42" L x 48" W x 63" H
    Machine Weight: 496 lb