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    Muscle D Booty Blaster (MDC-0001)

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    The Classic Line Butt Blaster Machine MDC-0001 does exactly what the name suggests – blasts the butt to create strong and defined glutes. Precision linear bearings move along a guided rod ensuring a super smooth extension exercise. Biomechanical design and careful consideration of placement pads deliver the ultimate gluteus maximus workout.

    The robust frame, clean lines, and angled steel tubing create a strong appearance that compliments any facility. Made from high quality materials including commercial grade steel, our products last for the long term so your strength investment is maximized. You’ll notice this same attention to detail in every part of our product range, customer support, and in-club delivery.

    • The ultimate gluteus maximus trainer for total isolation and development of these muscles
    • Adjustable, pneumatic height adjustment for more range of tricep presses
    • Precision linear bearings on hardened guide rods for super smooth action
    • Comfortable chest, knee, and elbow pads
    • Handle grips for securing user during leg presses
    • Counterbalanced leg platform facilitates lower starting weight
    • 120 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
    Floor Space: 72”L x 47”W x 63”H,
    Machine Weight: 550 lb