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Should I buy a new Treadmill or fix the one I have?

Updated: Oct 22

It all depends on what’s wrong with your old Treadmill.

It could just need a tune up.

The walking belt can stretch overtime and can begin to start slipping. (This can be dangerous, especially to people with knee injuries.)

Your home Treadmill should be serviced annually by a professional to provide proper preventive maintenance.

Including lubrications, calibration and any Vacuuming that maybe needed.

Your commercial Treadmill should be Lubricated every 3 mouths, possibly four times a year depending on the degree of usage.

Take in account that not everyone uses their Treadmill the same Way or as often as others do.

Some people walk and other people like to run at full incline.

Check your users Manuel or find one online.

It will give you the manufactures recommendation of how often to live and what the CORRECT lubricant to use will be.


Be sure to use the correct kind of lubricant.


I’ve seen it happen, more than you would ever think.

A lot of manufacturers are starting to use WAX-LESS walking belts.

Wax-less belts DO NOT need to be Lubricated.

The average price to have your treadmill tuned up by a professional is about $125-$150

Thank you for your time.

I hope this helped.

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