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    Gympak Cast Iron Dark Grey Kettlebells with Rubber Base - The kettlebell is an effective tool for developing strength and power. Kettlebells have become more popular in recent years due to the explosion of crossfit and boot camp training, creating the need to add modern features to a time tested tool. Kamway has designed this high quality Russian classic designed Gympak Kettlebell with a nice wide comfortable handle and flat rubber base for cross-training enthusiasts in home or health club settings.

    What are the cost benefits and functional advantages of a kettlebell with rubber base? - Many kettlebell enthusiasts prefer a vinyl, neoprene, rubber, or urethane encased kettlebell for their home gym, fitness studio, or facility workout room. Coated kettlebells are more forgiving on floors, racks, and other kettlebells since they offer a layer of protection for both the bell and anything it comes in contact with. However, this does not come without a price since coating the entire ball of the kettlebell can be costly in production for manufacturers, who pass that cost on to the retail customer. With their line of Gympak Economy Kettlebells, Kamparts has offered the cost effective design of cast iron with the protection of a rubberized kettlebell. Instead of encasing the entire kettlebell in rubber, Kamparts kettlebells come with a thick, flat rubber base on the bottom, offering protection to the contact point where it is needed most. The rubber bottom will protect your kettlebell racks and flooring from damage that other cast iron bells may cause from drops, falls, or rough handling. Also, the flat base helps prevent the kettlebell from tipping over on the floor or on racks when not in use. Kamparts economy kettlebells have a baked enamel finish over the solid cast iron core and incremental sizes in kilograms on the side for easy identification. Same functionality, less cost!

    • Color: Dark Gray
    • Enamel Finish
    • Solid cast iron
    • Rubber base
    • Wide handle for added safety and comfort
    • Clear lettering for easy use in any setting
    • International kilogram weight increments

    Kettlebells are Available in sizes from 4KG to 48KG or 9lbs to 106lbs
    4kg (9lb), 8kg (18lb), 12kg (26lb), 16kg (35lb), 20kg (44lb), 24kg (53lb)
    28kg (61lb), 32kg (70lb), 36kg (79lb), 40kg (88lb), 44kg (97lb), 48kg (106lb)