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    Muscle D Inner/Outer Thigh Combo Machine (MDD-1006) View larger

    Muscle D Inner/Outer Thigh Combo Machine (MDD-1006)

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    The Dual Function Inner Outer Thigh Machine MDD-1006 is an extremely popular combination. It facilitates two opposing thigh movements in one effective unit. Exercisers can target the inner or outer thigh muscles, to define and shape their upper leg. Precision bearings generate the super-smooth motion that’s become a renowned hallmark of our equipment lines.

    Dual function units allows you to provide a varied workout offering within a compact floor area. The line is perfectly suited for hotel or condo facilities where space can often be limited. The efficient footprint doesn’t compromise the functional capabilities – its durability will more than meet the demands of frequent usage.

    • One touch, easy, pre-stretch range adjuster
    • Swivel knee pads for quick inner or outer thigh changeover
    • Comfortable, convenient handle grips
    • 170 lb solid steel, precision weight stack
    • Floor Space: 58" L x 28" W x 56" H
    • Machine Weight: 466 lb