Hampton HeroStrength “Duel” Handle Medicine Balls

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    6lb- $90
    8lb- $100
    10lb- $112
    12lb- $120
    14lb- $125
    16lb- $130
    18lb- $137
    20lb- $150

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    The origin of the ‘medicine ball’ dates back 2,000 years to Ancient Greece. Hippocrates is said to have stuffed animal skins for patients to toss for “medicinal” purposes.

    Since then, medicine balls have been used in one form or another to build health, strength, and resistance training. It is a crucial pinnacle of exercise as one of the most diverse pieces of exercise equipment used for toning almost every part of the body while hitting a wide range of muscle groups. The ideal product to improve your core strength, especially in the chest, arms, and legs. The HeroStrength® “Duel” Handle Medicine Balls are constructed with two handles from one single virgin rubber mold, which ensures the product’s handles will not break or detach as other inferior models do. The vibrant selection of colors and sizes is not only attractive but extremely durable.

    • Constructed from one single virgin rubber mold
    • Extremely durable polyurethane outer rubber
    • Reinforced inner rubber bladder with adjustable air pressure
    • Offered in a vibrant selection of attractive colors and sizes
    • Won't bounce.
    • Warranty: 1 year