TuffStuff Bio-Arc Triceps Dip


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    The TuffStuff BA-704 Triceps Dip is the perfect addition to your exercise facility’s strength training circuit. Whether your clients are novices or experienced with weight machines, the BA-704 Triceps Dip helps new users learn proper form and build a baseline of strength, while advanced bodybuilders can develop & engage stabilizing muscles, particularly the anterior deltoids and the pectorals – and do it more effectively thanks to TuffStuff’s Bio-Arc technology.

    One way the BA-704 Triceps Dip accomplish this is by also incorporating cable handles from Trak Fitness. These cable handles are the first and only handles that include 3 axis of rotation which allow users to move through multiple planes of motion. By combining the TrakHandle Sport with cable based resistance and its new arcing technology, your users will experience state-of-the-art performance with rotational movement essential to upper body muscle development.


    • Arcing technology designed to maintain user's optimal body position throughout the entire range of motion, focusing on bio-mechanically correct movements.
    • Bio-Arc technology safely places users of all physical abilities in the optimal position to perform each individual exercise, with minimal adjustments necessary, for maximum activation of the target muscle(s) in a fun and engaging manner.
    • Floor Space: 70"L x 55"W x 61"H

    Commercial Warranty:
    • 10 Years: frames, welds, cams, and weight plates
    • 5-Years: bushings, pivot bearings, pulleys and guide rods
    • 3-Yearss: TrakHandles
    • 1-Year: linear bearings, pull-pin components
    • 6-MONTH: finish, cables, upholstery and rubber grips