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    Helix HR1000 Touch Recumbent Lateral Trainer

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    The Helix HR1000 Touch Recumbent Lateral Trainer brings the power of recumbent lateral training into a residential setting.

    Traditional “linear” recumbent bikes and steppers only work muscles front to back. Unlike traditional recumbent bikes, the Helix HR1000’s patented Helix Motion Technology trains your body in multiple planes, a full 360°. You’ll activate more muscles, get a better workout, and best of all – burn more calories in less time!

    The Helix HR1000 Recumbent Lateral Trainer is Helix’s ideal trainer for home use, with a smooth, gear-driven, maintenance-free drive system. The HR1000 features backlit LCD touchscreen with fit programs and real time feedback: time, calories, RPM, distance, pulse, activity level, mets and watts. Electricity is required.

    • 360° Results: Unlike other cardio machines, the HR1000 Recumbent Lateral Trainer works the total lower body as it builds aerobic conditioning.
    • Glutes: The machine’s intense focus on the Gluteus Maximus and Medius yields dramatic toning benefits.
    • Quads: Helix provides a zero-impact, yet powerful Quad workout.
    • Knees: Helix maintains and improves knee and hip functionality by safely targeting and strengthening the muscles that support these joints.
    • Stability/Fall Prevention: Provides strength and cardio conditioning in an ergonomic, seated position, enabling everyone, even the injured or “decon-ditioned,” to make great strength and fitness gains.
    • Inner Thighs: Helix does what traditional cardio machines can’t, creating up to 42% greater activation of the Adductor muscles.
    • Outer Thighs: Sculpts the hard-to-target outer thigh by creating up to 43% more Abductor muscle activation than a traditional cardio machine.

    Spec’s:Home Warranty:
    Power: Plug-InParts: 2 Years
    Resistance Levels: 20Labor: 1 Year
    Programs: Yes 
    Max User Weight: 300lbs
    Unit Weight: 245lbs
    Floor Space: 36"W x 74"L