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    Helix H1000 Touch Lateral Trainer

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    The Helix H1000 Touch is an all-new machine that combines stunning aesthetics with a cutting-edge touchscreen display, creative and challenging workout programs, and a silky smooth, solid ride. In the world of premium-quality fitness products, the H1000 Touch is an amazing value and, like all patented Helix products, the H1000 Touch delivers real results fast.

    This latest home version of our Original Helix adds the benefits of a Multi-Program Console and automatic electronic resistance control. This Helix delivers the same muscle-sculpting results as the original Helix. Results normally achieved only via weight training—while burning fat and toning the cardiovascular system at the same time.

    A recent study versus an elliptical show Helix had superior results in 7 out of 8 muscles studied, with 40% more glute activation and 23% faster achievement of targeted heart rates.

    Why? Unlike nearly all machines that work in a front-to-back plane, the Helix’s horizontal “figure eight” motion actually recruits more muscles.

    Typical machines focus mostly on the front of the thighs and the hamstrings, but the Helix H1000 targets these while simultaneously recruiting the inner and outer thighs and glutes. Users can effortlessly alternate direction and positioning to pinpoint specific muscles. Superb for sports-specific training, especially tennis, skiing and golf. At a compact 42” x 37” footprint, the Helix H1000 is considerably smaller than a treadmill.

    • 55% More Core Activation: With continuous movement in a lateral direction, your core is continually targeted throughout the entire workout.
    • 40% More Glute Activation: By targeting the leg and its core muscles, the Helix also works your hard-to-tone glutes.
    • 23% faster achievement of target heart rate: The Helix H1000 keeps your body guessing, which means you’ll achieve your target heart rate faster, burning more fat and calories.
    • Amazingly powerful quad workout that’s also low-impact: Your quadriceps muscles are targeted for optimal results, without putting strain on your joints.
    • Strengthening your knees by targeting the Gluteus Medius: The Helix H1000 strengthens your Gluteus Medius, a key muscle that is often recommended when rehabilitating knees.
    • 50% more muscles being used in outer thighs: The Helix extends your range of motion to reach all of the thigh muscles better than treadmills or elliptical machines.
    • Low Impact Exercise for your Knees: The Helix’s patented lateral motion ensures you to have great, low impact workout.
    • Professional Athletes Love Helix: Listen to professional MMA fighter and fitness instructor detail how they use Helix.
    • Burn Calories in Half The Time: Using the Helix will increase your heart rate in no time, resulting in burning more calories in less time!
    • Tones Legs, Butt and Thighs: The lateral motion of the Helix targets the areas you care about most.

    Spec’s:Home Warranty:
    Power: Plug-InFrame: Lifetime
    Resistance Levels: 20Parts: 2 Years
    Programs: Yes Labor: 1 Year
    Max User Weight: 300lbs
    Unit Weight: 162lbs
    Floor Space: 42"W x 36"L x 68"H