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    Muscle D Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Machine (MDD-1008) View larger

    Muscle D Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Machine (MDD-1008)

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    The Dual Function Weight Assisted Chin Dip Machine MDD-1008 combines two movements in one unit. Exercisers can target the shoulder, arm, and core through a stabilized movement. Precision bearings ensure that the motion is ultra-smooth, and ergonomic design creates biomechanically correct and comfortable workouts.

    Our dual function machines allow you to offer lots of different workout options in half the floor area. They’re ideal for facilities where space is at a premium, such as fitness facilities in hotels or condominium complexes. Yet they are also durable enough to withstand the demands of daily usage, so your strength investment lasts for the long term.

    • Wide or narrow grips for Chins & Dips
    • Easy mount steps
    • Up to 160 lb of weight assistance
    • Thick, rubber encased handles for comfortable grips
    • Precision bearings for ultra smooth motion
    • 200 lb solid steel weight stack
    • Floor Space: 48" L x 48" W x 88" H
    • Machine Weight: 580 lb