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    TRUE Alpine Runner Commercial Incline Trainer

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    It’s not your average treadmill. It’s not your average incline trainer. The TRUE Alpine Runner is the ultimate in incline training!

    Most treadmills have an maximum incline range around 10-15%. But, with the TRUE Alpine Runner, you get an incline range of -3% to 30%! You can intensify your workout like never before!

    Standard treadmills are ideal for walking or running workouts. If you are a consistent runner, you can maintain a quick pace at even a 10 or 12 percent incline. A workout on an incline trainer simulates hiking more than walking or running, providing you with a great cardio workout that also is an incredible calorie burner.

    To give you an idea of what kind of calorie burning performance you could experience, if you increase the TRUE Alpine Runner’s incline from 0 to 40 percent, you can burn five times the calories over a standard treadmill. If you walk 2 mph for 20 minutes at a 0 degree incline, you will burn approximately 74 calories. At a 30 degree incline, you will burn almost 300 calories!

    And, if you are not an avid runner, an incline trainer offers you a convenient way to increase your workout intensity and calorie burn without increasing your speed.

    Combine the performance advantages of an incline trainer treadmill with all the quality and features that you know TRUE treadmills for, and you have the best cardio machine on the market. Runners and walkers alike will love the softer deck of TRUE Alpine Runner.



    IGNITE HIIT console was designed to easily incorporate interval training into any small-group training class or facility. Exercisers can transition quickly between work and rest intervals to maximize intensity and recovery with quick-touch speed and incline keys. Created for any TRUE commercial treadmill, including a specifically-designed console for the Alpine Runner Incline Trainer, any facility can now easily provide trainers and users the ability to adapt their workouts to any type of interval regimen on the go.
    Features Include:
    • Quick-Touch Speed and Incline Keys
    • Extended 5-minute pause
    • Available for Commercial Treadmills and Incline Trainer


    EMERGE console has a simplistic design that is inviting and offers easy navigation. EMERGE™ appeals to those users who want to focus on their workout and make the most of their exercise time. EMERGE™ offers advanced simplicity to make your home fitness routine exactly what you want it to be.
    Features Include: 
    • Orange LED Screen
    • Provides pertinent information in an easy-to-read presentation
    • 10 Preset Workout Programs
    • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring
    • Equipped with a Reading/Accessory Rack for your tablet, magazine or book
    • Self-Generated Power (Bikes & Ellipticals only)

    Envision 9

    Envision 9 Touchscreen Console provides a vivid 9" touchscreen and intuitive design that allows users to enhance their workout with more programs.

    More Features:
    • Apple® and Android™ device compatible
    • 30 Preset Workout Programs and 4 Saved Workouts
    • Available with EcoFit® technology to provide usage reporting and automated notifications for real-time equipment management
    • USB Port for Workout Summary Exports
    • Syncs with Bluetooth® headphones and heart rate monitors. Polar device compatible.

    The ENVISION 16” LCD TOUCHSCREEN CONSOLE provides users an interface with a contemporary design and intuitive framework. Exercisers can easily track their data, discover workout selections and enjoy integrated technology and entertainment. With these options, a built-in cooling fan, and tablet holder at their fingertips, gym members will enjoy both exercising and your facility even more. ENVISION can also be further enhanced with COMPASS® TRUE’s revolutionary fitness software.

    COMPASS® gives you full real-time asset management for all equipped machines, while trainers can use it to engage with members and provide them with more tools to reach their fitness goals. And members can even sync with COMPASS to migrate their fitness preferences and data to any COMPASS-equipped machine they use.

    More features:
    • Built-in workout programs to help users meet their goals
    • Customizable home screen to promote your brand and deliver messages
    • Easy access to entertainment and web content
    • Bluetooth and Polar device compatibility
    • Compatible for Apple® and Android™ devices and apps, like Wahoo RUNFIT
    • Real-time asset management with usage reporting and notifications through ECOFIT®
    • Outside Interactive® and RunSocial® integration for exploring famous locations & courses

    Spec’s:Commercial Warranty:
    Programs: YesFrame: Lifetime
    Motor: 5.0 HP ACParts: 3 Years
    Speed: .5 to 12 MPHScreen: 3 Years
    Incline: -3% to 30%Labor: 3 Years
    Max User Weight: 400 lbs
    Unit Weight: 592 lbs
    Roller Size: 3"
    Belt Size 22" x 60"L
    Floor Space: 39.7"W x 71"L