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    TuffStuff XPT Training System


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    The TuffStuff XPT-051 Training System is the industry’s first and only “self-spotting, free-weight training system” allowing vertical, horizontal, diagonal, lateral and rotational bar movement.

    The XPT effectively combines the desired benefits of free-weights with the safety of machine weights.

    Unique Linear Guided Barbell System

    The XPT allows for vertical, horizontal, diagonal, lateral, and rotational bar motion, effectively engaging primary muscle groups and secondary stabilizer groups, while forcing the central nervous system to control all bar motion, optimizing muscle strength and development. Unlimited barbell motion and 270 degrees of bar rotation allows the performance of all traditional barbell, Olympic and athletic lifts within the safe confines of the rack and without the need for space consuming platforms and expensive bumper plates. Custom 96”Olympic bar has a 51” effective inside grip dimension for performance of all wide grip barbell exercises and overhead lifts. Conveniently counterbalanced to provide a traditional 45lb .empty Olympic bar starting weight.

    Patented Quad Lock Braking System

    Fully adjustable, mechanically actuated lever brake system, shaped to conform to Olympic bar for a natural fit and feel in the hand.
    Simply opening the hand automatically releases the lever and engages four solid steel locking pins, immediately catching and stopping the bar in any position in case of a missed lift or emergency situation. Makes racking and un-racking the bar or changing the bars starting height, safe and easy from any position. No need to twist your wrist, move your arms, or step forward and backward with a loaded bar to find a bar catch. Hand levers are easily adjustable from narrow to wide with a simple flip of the release clips. Allows the performance of concentric only explosive movements without the corresponding need for eccentric loading or deceleration of the bar.

    Features & Spec's:
    • 3”x3” 7-gauge and 2”x3” 11-gauge tubular steel construction.
    • Powder coat finish baked to insure durability.
    • Deep penetrating electrically welded high strength frames.
    • All frames designed to anchor to floor.
    • Bar weight: 45lbs. (counter-balanced).
    • Maximum Load Capacity: 600lbs. (including bar weight).
    • Inside grip width:  51"
    • Vertical bar range:  78" bar travel (95" highest & 17" lowest).
    • Horizontal bar range: 20"
    • Lateral bar range: 3"
    • Bar rotational range: 270 degrees.
    • Dimensions: 60"L x 96"W x 104"H
    Commercial Warranty:
      10 YEARS: Frames and welds.
      5 YEARS: Bearings, pulleys and bushings.
      1 YEAR: Linear bearings and pull-pin components.
      6 MONTHS: Cables, finish and Quad-Lock braking system.
      ALL OTHER PARTS  not mentioned, one year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

    Standard Clor Option:
    (customer colors available)